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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I walk around the house with you?
Absolutely. I’m happy to explain everything I’m looking at. Please plan on arriving 30 minutes before I complete the inspection so discuss my findings. I will call or text you my scheduled completion time.
Can my agent be there too?
Yes! Agents are encouraged to be there and be engaged so they can know what they’re writing up in your Repair Request Addendum.
What does your report look like?
The report must follow TRECS Report Format REI 7-6 (8/9/21)-Here’s a sample report.
How long is the home inspection?
Usually a standard home inspection is 3 to 4 hrs but it depends on the size, age, and other factors of the home. Chubby Hubby Home Inspections guarantees to take as long as needed to get the job done right.
When will the report be available?
The report will be published and emailed to you within 24 hours of the inspection.
What should I be looking for on the report?

My reports have lots of images to help you recall what you’re looking at. The report must follow TREC Report Format REI 7-6 (8/9/21). Under each system if there is a defect the bulleted statement will explain the defect and what specialist should evaluate and repair. There may also be a bullet with the word.

NOTE: and a statement that the inspector feels is not a defect but an area that needs attention. The summary will be the most helpful area, which is right at the back of the report.

Can I call you if I have questions after I get the report?
Absolutely. This is one of my favorite parts. Call, text, or email.
Will there be recommendations on who to call?
With each defect, I recommend which type of repair specialist you will need to contact to get an evaluation and repair.
Can you give me some preferred contractors to call?
I have a few contractors that I’ve worked with in the past that I can recommend. I still recommend you contact at least 3 in each area for quotes and do your own research.